About Us

Mott and Prince is a place for women to feel inspired and empowered through their style, experiences, and culture. We have always wanted to give women an amazing shopping experience, but most importantly a place for them to learn and connect with others with honest experiences and life happenings that we can all relate to.
The passion behind Mott and Prince is to give women strength to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. We started as a blog, curating content from talented writers and reporters about dating, lifestyle, health, and fashion. The content includes how-to’s, personal stories around dating, family, and careers, events and happenings, and healthy lifestyle choices and recipes. Bi-monthly features include inspiring and empowering women to share their stories and experiences to our readers. As of February 2018, we launched the e-commerce platform selling clothing and accessories to women. With the help from our influencer network and social media, we built the store around current fashion styles mixed with timeless pieces, using the opinions of our followers and network. We are a start up, but we have taken off and are excited to share our content with the world!

There is only one of you so be who you uniquely are and own it! Don’t forget to visit our blog www.mottandprinceblog.com where women just like you are coming together to inspire each other and share stories and tips.


We believe fit is so important!! If you are going between sizes and cannot decide what would be best for you, please contact us! We specifically fit each size to our models and have exact measurements and insight to ensure you feel comfortable and look fab! support@mottandprince.com